31 Days of New Colorways 2020

Welcome to 31 Days of New Colorways 2020! It was so much fun last year I decided to do it again - a month-long challenge to design and post a new colorway every day in January. Each day around 9am Central Time I will post a brand new never dyed before colorway on my Hitchhiker Sock base. Let me know which ones you love on social media and of course by buying the yarn! Some colorways may make it into my regular colorway lineup for 2020 and be dyed on other base yarns - others may be a one-off colorway that will never be seen again so snag it if you love it.

* * * * *

NEW THIS YEAR! Free "StashBox" Shipping.

I understand the dilemma - do I buy now and pay shipping on multiple orders if I like several of the new 31 Days colorways, or do I wait and risk the ones I like selling out? This year you don't have to choose. Use code 31STASHBOX at checkout on each 31 Days of New Colorways order you place during the month of January and I will start a box (or bubble mailer, depending on the size of your stash) for you and add any yarns you buy this month to ship together for free on February 3rd. Once purchased, the yarn is yours and will be physically set aside for you so there are no worries of missing out!

The fine print:

  • You must purchase a minimum of four skeins during the month to qualify for free StashBox shipping. It's ok to buy yarn in single skeins over the course of the month, as long as you've bought at least four by Feb. 1st. If you have not met the minimum by that date I will need to contact you to purchase an additional skein(s) or pay for shipping.
  • Remember to use the code on each order. If you don't use the code I will assume you want that yarn earlier and ship it separately. 
  • Adding dyed-to-order products to your order is ok, just be aware if you add something under StashBox shipping that has a 2-4 week turnaround later in the month it may delay the shipping of your order until it's ready.
  • You may use it on anything in the shop, but please remember that any yarn purchased using the StashBox code on the order will be held for you until Feb. 3rd.

Of course this is an optional service and if you want your yarn to ship in the usual 1-3 days just check out like normal.

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