About & FAQ

Panorama Fiber Arts is a one-woman indie dye shop specializing in hand dyed-to-order yarn and spinning fiber designed in unique tonal, handpainted and ombre colorways with the beauty of your finished project in mind. All yarn and fiber is dyed by me (Heather) in small batches in my studio in southeast Texas. I use mill spun yarns made from soft natural fibers like wool, silk and alpaca and dye them with professional dyes set with heat and citric acid. 

I look forward to seeing your projects!


Do you sell wholesale? 

At this time I am no longer accepting new wholesale accounts as I have decided to focus more on direct retail sales, however I still do trunk shows so please use the contact form if you are interested in scheduling a trunk show at your shop.

Is your studio smoke and pet free?

It is smoke-free and "mostly" pet free. My studio is in a separate pet free room over the garage, however we do have a cat in the main part of the house so please take this into consideration if your allergies are severe enough to be affected by a ventilation system shared with cat-friendly areas.

Do you take custom orders? 

I do, on a case by case basis depending on what you would like and the demands of my current dye schedule. If you want an item I normally carry but happen to be out of at the time, I am happy to give you a heads up when I have it back in stock and custom quantity orders (if you want multiples of the same dye lot for a larger project) are typically easy to accommodate. If you want a special colorway designed for you, I am most likely to have time for that sort of thing in Winter or Summer but it never hurts to ask. 

What do you use to dye your products?

I use professional acid dyes set with citric acid, washed in Synthropol to remove any unfixed dye to minimize bleeding, and finished with Eucalan wool wash. Both of these products are completely unscented and should not bother those with allergies.

My project has a knot in it! Will you give me a refund?

First of all, be kind and understand why knots sometimes happen in indie dyed yarn - I try my best not to intentionally sell yarn with knots (if I have to tie one myself for some reason I will set it aside for personal use or sample knitting) so keep in mind that if there is a knot in your yarn I got it that way from the mill and didn't catch it during the dyeing process. When you are dyeing large volumes of yarn, you can't go over every yard of every skein looking for knots so those buggers can hide until you're knitting with it. For this reason I don't do refunds for a single knot. If you find two or more knots in a single skein of yarn, please contact me and I will be happy arrange for a partial refund or store credit. (That's easier on both of us than an exchange since you typically are well into your project by that point and normally doing a couple extra joins is preferable to ripping out and starting over.) 

My yarn is bleeding, what should I do?

I rinse my yarn and fiber well, but certain shades (particularly fuchsia, bright greens and certain oranges) are more prone to bleeding and you may notice a little tinting in the water when washing or blocking. Using detergents not specially made for hand knits can exacerbate or even cause bleeding that would not normally occur so I highly recommend only washing indie dyed yarn with Eucalan or Kookaburra wool washes. (I do NOT recommend Woolite or Soak as they are too hard on hand dyes.) If you are experiencing trouble with your yarn, please contact me for assistance.