Socky Bombs gradient cakes

Socky Bombs are a springy, well structured Superwash Merino sock yarn with a bit of tencel for shine and nylon for strength and elasticity. Each cake is dyed in a color change ombre that shifts gracefully from one shade to the next. Socky Bombs are currently available in 440 yard Shawlette Cakes and 600 yard Shawl cakes. There will be a gentle wave to the yarn since it is dyed and set in a knit fabric called a blank in order to achieve smooth shade transitions, however I relax the yarn before winding so it will not be "kinky" and should not affect your knitting. I am also able to do my standard colorways in custom yardage gradients (up to 1500 yards) to match your project. I am working on integrating a custom yardage order form into my website, but for now if you would like to inquire about a custom order please use the contact form.

Special note: New and improved Two-at-a-time sock cakes are coming soon! Look for them in August in a slightly different form - one mirror dyed cake to knit one sock from the outside and one from the inside in the perfect yardage for mid-calf socks.